Dr. Rebecca Carey is a Senior Lecturer in the College of Sciences and Engineering. Recently, she started working as a writer for Writemyessaytoday.us. Her expertise includes earth and marine sciences. 

Dr. Carey has more than 37 scientific publications. The one she is proud of the most is a chapter in The Encyclopedia of Volcanoes. This book is a volcanology’s leading reference publication.

Despite being a well-known specialist in the field of volcanology, Dr. Carey still pays a lot of effort to bring up a new generation of young scientists. That’s why she works not only as a teacher but also as an essay writer at the “write my essay” service.

According to Rebecca, modern volcanology is designed to study volcanoes not only in order to predict their eruptions, but also to use the energy of volcanic heat for the needs of the national economy.

“Active volcanoes are monitored by seismic stations around the clock, which record volcanic earthquakes – the harbingers of future eruptions. The structures of ancient extinct volcanoes are being studied for scientific and practical purposes. 

These studies allow us to imagine the conditions on our planet during the period of its formation billions of years ago. The study of the traces of the movement of molten lava from the mouth of the volcano into the earth’s crust allows us to understand the principle of the formation of mineral deposits – copper, iron, zinc,” Rebecca says.

And that is 100% true. The help of volcanologists at the time of a volcanic eruption is invaluable: following the direction of the ash plume, studying its chemical composition, they issue forecasts to meteorological services and air traffic controllers, correcting the flight path of aircraft. This ensures the safety of flights for local and international airlines.

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There is also laboratory and office work. The last one consists of viewing through microscopes and analyzing mineral elements from rocks. This is the relevance of the current work of a volcanologist due to the high demand for analytics of mineral rocks in the development of oil wells, in which the team of Dr. Rebecca Carey is involved.

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Depending on where the squad works, some volcanologists also teach private classes or the public about the importance of volcanoes, making their profession extremely relevant in today’s world.

The job can force volcanologists to travel mountains in different weather conditions and gather at volcanic estuaries to collect samples. 

Volcanologists also study geysers – gushing springs of hot water, which are geographically located, as a rule, near volcanoes.

The decision to become an essay writer

Apart from scientific work, Rebecca is fond of teaching. Her courses take place both in the classroom and in the field. 

As we mentioned above, Rebecca really wants to share her knowledge and experience with younger volcano fans. To do this, she joined the team of writers at WriteMyEssayToday.us. This service helps students to cover all the required academic tasks.

Now she has the opportunity to talk not only with the students of her college but also those who couldn’t attend her lectures or enroll the faculty due to various reasons.

According to the researcher, this job will help her both popularize volcanology and help students in need. 

“Today, volcanologists from all over the world are jointly studying volcanoes, improving research methods and technologies. There is constant communication and exchange of experience among volcanologists from all countries of the world at the World Volcanological Conferences.

In recent decades, grants have become possible even for young volcanologists,” Dr. Carey admitted.

Rebecca guarantees that currently, in almost all developed countries, there are scientific communities and institutes dealing with volcanology. A qualified specialist in this field will always find application for their knowledge and skills.

However, she also warns students from future obstacles waiting for them. Volcanology involves long and difficult trips and painstaking office work. In order to successfully deal with this business, a specialist must have:

  • excellent health and psychological readiness for long business trips;
  • have an analytical mindset, the ability to work with large amounts of data;
  • curiosity, observation and inclination to explore the world around;
  • creative inclinations, the ability to formulate research results in scientific publications.

Like any scientific activity, volcanology implies professional growth in the form of obtaining scientific titles and authority in the scientific community. At present, when the world is open, experienced volcanologists can continue to work in foreign specialized institutes and scientific associations

Such a profession is considered rare all over the world. So, any scientific community will gladly attract a competent volcanologist. 

The income of a volcanologist is determined not only by their official salary, which may not be very large but also by awards for scientific publications and works.

Since the profession is creative and scientifically oriented, it is rather difficult to outline a clear range of responsibilities. In general, a volcanologist deals with:

  • participation in scientific expeditions and business trips;
  • makes a whole range of measurements and studies;
  • conducts processing of data received from various sources;
  • maintains documentation and necessary reporting in paper and electronic form;
  • writes scientific articles and publications;
  • often provides training and lectures.

In general, the profession of a volcanologist can be considered very interesting and creative. Indeed, despite its narrow focus, such professions are quite in demand. They also require painstaking study and good immersion in work, which is always good for the brain. It is more suitable for people interested in science and ready for interesting but dangerous business trips.


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